Refinancing or Restructuring

Many people start to think about refinancing when interest rates or their personal circumstances change.

If you’re refinancing for a better home loan, the most important thing to consider is the long-term benefits against the actual costs of refinancing.​ Many Kiwis are refinancing their home loan for a number of reasons, including to:

1. Consolidate debt
2. Borrow money to renovate or invest
3. Secure a competitive home loan interest rate
4. Move from a fixed home loan rate to a variable home loan rate, or vice versa

5. Lowering your payments

6. Restructuring your lending

Refinancing your mortgage is not an easy decision. A Trebla mortgage adviser will help you do the sums, taking into account all the costs of mortgage refinancing, to help you determine whether or not refinancing is the right move for you.​ There are many considerations before deciding to refinance your home loan - follow these easy questions to find out if it's right for you.

Getting a better rate
The loan with the cheapest interest rate is not always the right option, and in some cases may actually cost you more money over the loan term. A competitive home loan will offer a combination of competitive rates, low fees, and loan flexibility.

Access the equity in your property
Many homeowners find it difficult and frustrating saving for things like holidays or renovations whilst paying off a mortgage, but it doesn’t have to be. Home equity loans are designed to give you access to the equity in your existing home loan via a line of credit loan.


Debt consolidation
Struggling to make repayments on high-interest debts such as credit cards and personal loans? Debt consolidation can help reduce your monthly finance repayments, save you money on fees and charges and take control of your debt by consolidating your existing loans into a new lower interest rate loan.

Tips for reducing debt
Having trouble cutting down or preventing debt? Here are our top tips for reducing debt.
Borrowing to renovate
Renovating is a great way of adding value to your home. But like most creative projects renovating can be frustrating and stressful – that’s where a Trebla mortgage adviser can help in getting the right finance the first time.

Refinancing costs
Refinancing will generally have some entry and exit costs in the start and can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars however it may offer you more flexibility and can save you more money in the long run.

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