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When the big things in life go wrong and the “she’ll be right” attitude won’t cut it, we all need someone who cares and understands the intricacies of insurance to help get us out of the woods. That’s where I come in!As a registered financial advisor, I’m really passionate about helping families and businesses avoid being caught in nasty situations. My road to insurance was a bit unusual – after many years in the health sector I went through a tough time in my personal life when our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. A really horrible situation was made all the worse when we realised that our family wasn’t covered for what we should have been.


After struggling through, I realised I wanted to make a difference to families like us and became a financial advisor, specialising in personal and business risk insurance. As an advisor, I put serious effort into understanding insurance underwriting and the differences between insurance policies – after all, not all insurers are the same, and the devil’s in the detail! I want the insurance that I organise for clients to be personalised, right for them, and the best on offer.


Why I do what I do


Having experienced just how much insurance can impact on lives (both positively and negatively), I hated how transactional insurance can be, and saw an opportunity to provide better advice that isn't driven by financial gain but by genuinely caring about people. Being a high achiever, I knew that I could do it better.


I want to know that people are getting unbiased advice about what's best for them and their family by someone who actually cares and has seen and lived through the consequences. That way I know that my clients won’t have to go through what I went through with my family - and that’s ultimately what gets me out of bed each morning.


What makes me qualified


My varied background has given me pretty unique insights when it comes to insurance, and my dedication to helping people get the best insurance for their lifestyle means my qualifications have come in handy many times over the years. My strong medical background means my level of understanding come underwriting and claims time is invaluable, as it enables me to advocate for my clients better. My qualifications include:


National Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5)

MBA with distinction

BHSc in Podiatry

Chairperson of Achilles International NZ

Board of Trustees for Homai Early Childhood Centre Education Trust

Proud to be members of :

Proud to have access to :

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Arapeta Albert

Financial  Adviser


CBD Office, Auckland

021 0271 2712


Financial  Adviser


Albany Office, Auckland

021 660 307

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