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Financial Adviser

I started in the financial services industry in 1996. Originally at the grassroots of banking with Countrywide learning what banking was, moving on to (what was then) the National bank within banking operations, before heading to the UK on my OE. While traveling I gained international experience at Citibank London. Returning to NZ I started back at National bank lending services, leading me to their business credit team and then I progressed into a Senior Business Banking Manager position. These experiences have set me up well with a wealth of knowledge across a range of products in the financial industry. I am very passionate about helping families understand and grow financially.

This is what drives me to work in the financial services industry dealing with Insurance and mortgage products. It’s not just about the products, everyday banking and creating commonwealth it’s about making sure I can simplify the information and educate my clients in financial literacy, so they can make the best-informed decisions possible.

I'm wanting to take my experience and educate friends and family providing tips and tricks to help save them time and money to focus on the more important things in life.

If I'm not out educating the community, you will find me at home with my family, traveling the world learning about different cultures or in the gym doing my burpees. At Trebla we live and breath what we do. Trebla – Life decisions made easy!